[ Mr.Sx00f | XenoID1337 ]

[ I know you lie, I know everything.I know the truth, I know everything.I know you hide your secret under your coward.I know you lie, I know everything. ]
[ You make people believe that you are something that we must praise. But you can not hold, because there is one thing you should know. ]
[ I will always know.! We will destroy the falsehood that you make and you've got one chance left to say to pray for me. ]
[ I will deploy all of your secrets, and this will be the end.Sing !! We know you are lying, we know everything.. ]
[ Open your eyes through me so that you can see.Liars hiding inside, it's all in your blood. ]
[ There is no such thing.As a demon who claim that they are God .Secret.Secret.Secret. ]
[ repent soon !! ]

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